MyController Web-UI can not be open

  • Hi,

    I have installed MyController on cloud server (ubuntu 14).
    Installation is done properly, and execute ./

    However, if we open the https://<ip-address>:8443
    the web can not be reached.

    I have open the TCP port at 8443

    Can someone assist me about this problem


  • Not very helpful I know - but I had the same problem (local install but still...)
    Started to write a long post for the forum, and then suddenly noticed that the web page had refreshed and everything was running smoothly.

    Seems first start can take quite a while. At least on an old first gen. RPi :)

  • Thanks, ksga,

    Today, via putty, we upgrade the ubuntu to the newest version, and suddenly the mycontroller web-ui is up.


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