Battery level script and next testing

  • After some time I test again...

    1. Battery level script - Your manual works. Using the timer, choose a time when the script started and it works. Can I transfer variables from script to email? Script gives me this result:
      "myImports": {},
      "mcResult": true,
      "batteryLevel": "94"

    2. Where is a list of variables that can be used in e-mail? I only know this, from mc-default-rule-email-template. is there more?

    3.Email does not support coding, for example, instead of Czech characters "ř" I must use the entity "&rcaron" ...etc

    I am sorry for my bad English. I speak Czech.




    Looks like there is no support to send email from the script. i will add this feature via this request.


    @DaTTcz I am sorry, I understand your query bit wrongly. Here is the actual answer to your query,

    You can see a list of supported variables here.

    I do not know about Czech support on email. Let me check it and confirm.

  • Where can I find this script? I guess I'm looking for the same solution to how to send an email when the battery level of a node drops below a certain value...

    Maybe this kind of battery level monitoring could be added into the available set of operations...

  • I am sorry for my bad English. I speak Czech.


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