• Hi,
    I have a flow state sensor, and I'd like to change the state at pre-defined times during the day.
    I created a timer and an operation like this:
    but the state doesn't change.
    I tried adding single or double quotes to the payload, the sensor value changes but it's incorrect (i.e. contains also the quotes).
    Am I missing something?
    I'm using MC 1.3.0 final.

  • @daniele It would help if you could post your code for the node so we can see how you are getting the data and using it.

    FWIW I prefer to do things like this within the node. That way, if the controller goes down the node still carries on doing its job. You could add a RTC to the node to help with this, I am doing this with a node later this week.

  • @skywatch , I understand your suggestion, but I usually prefer having all the logic in one place (the controller), and having the nodes as simple as possible, let's say simple executors of what the controller tells them.

    BTW, in this case I'm using a "virtual" sensors (attached to a real node in MyController), so the node doesn't have anything to do; I need it as a state variable that determines the way the controller logic works.

  • @daniele

    • Do you see any error on mycontroller.log log file?
    • Do you see any date in Status >> Resources logs page?
    • Can you check your node receives the payload when you operate directly?

  • @jkandasa :

    • 2018-09-10 17:34:50,038 WARN [Quartz_Scheduler_Worker-9] [org.mycontroller.standalone.message.McActionEngine:158] Not supported opration! OperationTable for sensor variable:[Off]
    • nothing under resource logs
    • node is working properly if I change the sensors value manually from the dashboard

  • Have you tried setting the payload value to 0 instead of "Off"?

  • I tried also with numbers.
    The value changes in the dashboard, but becomes the number, not the corresponding label

  • @daniele Thanks for the detailed report. It is a bug in MyController. I have opened a ticket. I will fix it soon.


  • @daniele I have added fix for this issue, kindly check it in SNAPSHOT version.

    If you want to use special operation on your payload, should starts with sp:,

    Example: I want to use toggle special operation. payload should be as sp:toggle

  • Works perfectly!
    You rock!

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