• @jkandasa Somwthing else I'd like to see within the controller is a facility to get user defined updates (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) from an NTP server with added function to push updated time to an attached RTC module. Also for MYC to determine if NTP time is available and if not use the RTC as time source.
    The DS3231 is the most popular of the 'reasonable' RTC modules and is relatively cheap too.

    So in summary something in the settings to allow/enable use of RTC and to select how often to update system/RTC time. Then also a test of NTP connectivity and if lost switch to RTC time (or maybe use RTC time all the time if available).

  • @skywatch I just had another idea.

    Smart Recovery mode for my controller.

    In this mode if the controller or gateway are down (say due to a power cut) then on restart the controller will look into the settings and make sure things are how they would have been if no power cut happened.

    So if a light should have been turned on during the power cut, then on controller restart it will know this and turn the light on. Also, if there were multiple on/off cycles during the failed state the controller will still be able to calculate what the status should be and send message accordingly.

  • @skywatch this is a really nice feature request. We have to address it on the other side too.
    example: if node power down for some time and comes back.

  • @jkandasa Thank you. Yes, if there were some way to do this with the nodes too then that would be even better.

  • Hello,
    First, I find this controller is my favourite.
    Thank you very much for the hard job you did with.

    Would it be possible to add folders into rules/timer/operation ?
    I think it could help the GUI to be a little more user friendly.

    And another really nice feature would be to add voice controle throught google home.

  • @Aneantisor Thank you!

    Would it be possible to add folders into rules/timer/operation ?

    Could you please elaborate a bit more? If you can represent in a graphical way.

    And another really nice feature would be to add voice controle throught google home.

    nice feature request. These days people are using Amazon alexa and google home.

  • @jkandasa On the node side we can already recover the status in the node programming by using saveState and loadState, so maybe that is all that is needed that end.

    For the controller I guess that myc only needs to record the last message sent to all sensors and time stamp it. Then when the controller powers back up it can check if any rules/scripts/timer functions apply and if not simply re-send the last known message. If rules/scripts/timer functions do apply then it will have to work throught to the current state by using the most recent event that 'should' have happened (but didn't as the controller'/GW was down).

  • @skywatch you are right. no action needed from the node side. The controller should handle poweroff situations.

  • About folder, i means it would be nice to arrange rules by folder.
    -temperature controle:

    Same kind of architecture for timer and operation.
    It would permit to build a lot more rules without being afraid by the amount of line.

  • @jkandasa Here is another suggestion to think of for version 2.0.......

    It would be nice to have a feature that could be enabled or disabled with a click that will perform the following......

    Random Action - I am thinking of lights here for security purposes and making a building look more occupied than ordinary timers will allow. So a feature that allows random on times and random off times, within a specified portion (or portions) of the day/week/etc.

    Kitchen lights should be randomly turned on for minimum 2 minutes and maximum 5 minutes from 6am to 7.30am AND between 5pm -10pm.
    Bedroom lights should be turned on randomly for minimum 10 minutes and mazimum 20 minutes betwee 5.30am and 6.30am AND between 8pm and 11pm.
    And so on for different zones of lights.

    Once the vatiable are set then it should simply be a matter of enabling all when going away and perhaps you can even add a nice auto-disable for when you are away for a known number of days..... ?

    This could also apply to turning on/off radio etc to enhance the effect.


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